HACCP certified

At Tommo’s, we have the HACCP stamp of approval, which means that we are accredited to prepare and serve our products in compliance with safe food regulations. We take pride on the standards with which each pie, pastry and sandwich is created; after all great food deserves to be handled with care.


Pies by the boxes

Take a slice of the pie for yourself; stock Tommo’s on your shelves! Our wholesale prices are as tasty as our products, and will bring a new delicious dimension to your business.

Individually wrapped for freshness, our range of pies and pasties can serve as a quick snack for your customer. The Berrimah based bakehouse is equipped to prepare a high volume of products, without compromising on taste or quality.

Our HACCP certification ensures that the product your customer purchases is in good company; this accreditation is shared with many reputable hotels, resorts and food manufacturers worldwide. HACCP certification represents quality, due diligence and strict food hygiene compliance. It also ensures consistency in the preparation of each individual pie, which guarantees the consumer the same delicious taste every time. As a Tommo’s Pies reseller, you can use the HACCP certification in your advertising, which provides reassurance for your customers. Having HACCP certification removes any liability from you, except the danger of running out of delicious pies!

With the hard work done from our end, all that’s left for you to do is free up some shelf space. Our Territory famous pies and pastries will sell themselves.


We also

  • We also do non packaged pies
  • Free delivery / Frozen only.
  • Available is Point of Sale to help with branding and drawing of customers to your business.
  • We are always looking to improve our wholesale practice which means you get a, better product, food safe and happy return of customers.

Buying from us

  • Reduce liability risks
  • Improves your business competitiveness
  • Enhances your reputation
  • Reduced waste & rework
  • Increases your product efficiency

For more information on becoming a wholesale partner, give us a holla or submit an inquiry here.

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